In Brief

         I write fiction, poetry   teaching and plays

ChrisGuitar200        cs2

I play guitar and write songs            I have played live and in recordings



I’ve worked on radio

I am a member of the Society of Authors. I was at one time, briefly, Deputy Chair of The Writers Guild of Great Britain.


3 thoughts on “In Brief

  1. Dear Chris
    I received a copy of your book “Complete creative writing course”. I have found it so helpful then any writing it I have ever used! Thank ypu!

  2. Dear Chris
    Ive always enjoyed writing and your course books are giving me things to occupy myself with during lockdown. I’m hoping my first writing will be serialised in the UK Mortons Media “Old Bike Mart” in the next month or so.
    I’m currently studying your description of a commonplace book; something I couldn’t guess at till now. In many ways it sounds like the paper scrap books Ive kept and added to all my life where I just cut out and glue in anything I find interesting in newspapers and magazines.
    My favourite authors are James Herriot and Edward Marston.
    Alan Graham
    North Yorks

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