I taught creative writing for many years and at many places, including the Universities of Oxford and Warwick, City University (London), the City Lit in London and the University of Sussex. At the University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education, I ran classes and workshops as well as annual summer schools on creative writing and theatre. For Oxford University International Programmes, I taught students from Berkeley, University of Chicago, Duke University, Florida State University and the University of North Carolina, an experience that was invaluable when I was appointed Director of the International Summer School at the University of Sussex, (2010 -2018.)

Between 2009 and 2014, working with Victoria Roddam, I wrote four books on creative writing for Hodder & Stoughton.

CWCourse CW3


Your Evening Class in Creative Writing is an interactive text that includes 10 CDs of thoughts on writing commentary and exercises.

In 2004 I was  part of the University of Oxford  lecture team of (below from right to left) Astronomer Royal Sir Arnold Wolfendale, Dr Angus Hawkins, Dr David Griffiths, and myself, on board the QM2 for its maiden transatlantic voyage from Southampton to New York.


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