Knickerbocker Glories at the Honey Dew Café


A delightful book of poetry and memories

Tired of all the games we played,
Crammed in the car, seven of us swayed
Around corners till the indicators clicked
And dozed again until David picked

Another game to play. “I spy,
With my little eye…
Something beginning with C”
“Caravan?” “Car?” “Cornwall, silly.”

So begins the three year adventure of living in the Honey Dew café. By day, playing in old mine workings, exploring the Neolithic hill of Carn Brea with its “Cup and Saucer Rock” and “Smuggler’s Cave,” swimming in the sea at Gwthian Sands and Carbis Bay. At night, eating Knickerbocker glories and falling asleep to the spiralling juke box sounds of the Beatles, Kinks, Rolling Stones Roy Orbison and Herman’s Hermits “I’m into Something Good.” This is a time and place perfectly captured in these poems of childhood memory.

‘These forays into the poet’s early life are entertaining without being frivolous. Memories of a not-too-awful middle-class Catholic upbringing make amusing reading. Chris Sykes is blessed equally with wit and with a rare gift for writing seriously without taking himself too seriously. He certainly seems to be a poet to watch as the twenty-first century unfolds about us….’ Anne Stevenson

‘The poetry of Chris Sykes touches on the magic to be found in everyday lives, reminding us that the writer’s greatest gift is to celebrate humanity.’
The Oxford Writer

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